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what's up absolutely everyone it is Tyler Horvathwith tyton media would you consider me if I advised you that I made over $200,000 inone single month with Google Adsense by myself I understand that would possibly sound a littleunbelievable however I'm gonna exhibit you precisely how I did it in this video andI'm even gonna exhibit you my stats to prove that it is a hundred percent correct and thatI genuinely did make this a great deal cash I truely even made over $17,000 withGoogle Adsense by myself in one single day so I'm going to exhibit you precisely how todo it proper now k all of us so right here is my Adsense account the place you can seethat I had generated nearly 1.5 million greenbacks in Google Adsense income aloneso I have it sorted right here by way of estimated salary by means of day so you can see that onDecember twentieth 2014 I did seventeen thousand eight hundred and thirty eightdollars in Google Adsense income so that is exceedingly insane and as you can seeit used to be you understand earlier than Christmas time so all the advertisers budgets have been all theway up and we're getting $42 rpms so that ability that a thousand humans thatviewed our pages we would make $42 so with 4 hundred and twenty

twothousand web page views that skill that we made about eighteen thousand bucks soyou can see right here we did a excellent quantity of $15,000 days complete it was once about 1.5million and even one month in that time body I did two hundred thousand dollarsalone with Google Adsense so I'm gonna exhibit you precisely how I did that I justwanted to exhibit you this to exhibit you that it is now not pretend I can reload it you knowknow the numbers are skewed it is all actual and I will exhibit you precisely how Igenerated this plenty cash with Google Adsenseokay so I'm gonna exhibit you now precisely the technique that I used to make almost1.5 million bucks with Google Adsense so you can see right here I have this websiteviral I'm calm up and I'm certainly the use of the wayback laptop due to the fact this used to be mysite and I have when you consider that offered it and whoever had itkeep it up so it is no longer on-line anymore however this is the Wayback Machine showingviral and this is one of the posts that I used to generate nearly 1.5million bucks with Google Adsense so you can see right here essentially I created youknow viral content material articles that have you be aware of a listing of you be aware of 12 to 20items and I would create a web page for every object with a Next button to go to thenext object now by way of this subsequent button I would have a Google Adsense advert thatreally stood out and it would get an insane quantity of clicks so you comprehend theyhave with

this ones for instance they have 12 probabilities to click on on the Adsensead you be aware of so if you despatched anybody to your web page and it used to be simply one web page andthat's the solely web page that they view properly that is one threat that they have toclick on one of your your Google Adsense commercials and it is possibly no longer gonna happenbut when you supply it 12 probabilities for them to click on on your Google Adsense advert andyou have these subsequent and preceding buttons proper by means of it it is a lot greater probable thatthey're likely gonna click on on that advert and you are gonna make cash so we wouldsimply construct Facebook advertisements to these you be aware of viral content material articles and makesure that we are producing excessive click-through price commercials so that we'regetting more cost effective and more cost-effective clicks so for instance with this Harry Potter postI was once getting about

two to three cent clicks and they would come to this pageclick thru all of the you recognize all the objects and I would make an common ofabout 20 cents or so per character that visited so if you suppose about spending20 cents to making or spending two cents to making 20 cents it is a genuinely reallygood margin so I was once in a position to without problems scale up and ship extra and greater trafficto these pages the usage of Facebook Ads so I would certainly go into Facebook advertisements andcreate a site visitors marketing campaign and I would goal you be aware of a genuinely specificaudience that would like this publish so for instance this Harry Potter publish Iwould goal human beings who love the Harry Potter moviesand it truly is it and I was once getting about

12% click-through charge due to the fact peoplewho cherished Harry Potter virtually desired to see all of these cool matters and theywould clip via each and every single one of them and click on on a lot of advertisements and itgenerated a lot of revenue so you can do this with with fairly plenty some thing itdoesn't have to be you be aware of viral content you can do it with healtharticles health articles the satisfactory aspect to do is go to Google Adsense and lookfor the perfect paid niches and create a website online about that I comprehend that fitness isanother large one I had every other fitness web page that I did the identical issue with thathelped you be aware of make that 1.5 million bucks and I was once essentially simply sendingas a good deal visitors as viable for as less costly as feasible from Facebook and convertingthat site visitors in Google Adsense so I hope this video helps you discern out how tomake extra cash on the web the use of Google Adsense make positive that you clickSubscribe of continually posting superb content material like this on how to make moneyonline how to begin groups on line and how to develop your commercial enterprise on line sothanks and have a notable day

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