Top 5 Yoga Asanas for Fighting Obesity !

Obesity is a modern day nemesis, which may strike you at any age.

If your weighing scale is tipping on the higher side, it is time you did something to get rid of the excess pounds.

Obesity is more rampant now than a few decades back. A busy and techno savvy lifestyle in may easily slide you into gaining excessive weight slowly but steadily. One day you realise that you can no longer climb the stairs without going out of breath or your clothes simply don’t fit you anymore!

1. Nauka Asana

Steps to do it:

  1. Lie down on your back on the yoga mat with legs together and arms on your thighs.

  2. Take a deep breath in and while exhaling lift your head, chest, arms and legs off the floor.

  3. Make sure your eyes, hands and feet are in the same line.

  4. Continue breathing deeply in this position for 30-40 seconds.

  5. Feel the pull on your chest, stomach and back muscles.

  6. While breathing out, relax the pose and come back to the floor.

  7. Repeat the steps twice.

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2. Pawanmukt Asana

Steps to do it:

  1. Lie down on your back on a yoga mat.

  2. Keep your legs together and while exhaling lift both legs till they make 90 degree angle with the floor.

  3. Clasp your hands around your knees, bringing your legs closer to the body.

  4. Lift your head and bring your nose closer to your knees.

  5. Keep taking deep breaths in this pose for 30-40 seconds.

  6. For releasing the pose, first bring your head to the floor, place your hands down beside the body and slowly straighten your legs and relax.

3. Bhujang Asana

Steps to do it:

  1. Lie down on your tummy on the floor mat with legs together.

  2. Place your hands palms on the floor beside your shoulders.

  3. Inhale and simultaneously lift your upper body (head, shoulders, and abdomen) till the navel.

  4. Feel the stretch on your back, relax your shoulders and look up.

  5. Continue taking long deep breaths for 15-20 seconds.

  6. While exhaling slowly come back to the resting position and relax.

  7. Repeat the same steps once.

Sitting Asanas

4. Ushtra Asana

Steps to do it:

  1. Stand on your knees on the floor mat.

  2. Keep your hands next to your body on the side.

  3. Slowly bend your body backward as much your body comfortably allows.

  4. Now hold your heels with your hands.

  5. Hold this posture for 10 seconds and breathe normally.

  6. Release the posture very gradually and return to the starting position.

  7. Repeat ushtra asana once.

5. Paschimottan Asana

Steps to do it:

  1. Sit on flat surface, stretch your legs in front and straighten your back.

  2. Inhale, take your arms above your head and stretch your back.

  3. While exhaling bend your body forward from the hip joints as much as your body allows comfortably.

  4. Place your hands on your toes, pull the toes towards your body and put your forehead on your knees.

  5. Continue breathing deeply in this posture for 30-40 seconds.

  6. Inhale and slowly come up vertebra by vertebra to relax the pose.

  7. Repeat twice.

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