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Updated: Nov 30, 2020

What's up everyone? Welcome to Yoga With Adriene, I'm Adriene and this is Benji and today we have an awesomequick yoga for brain power. So this is gonna be really greatwhen you just need a little something something to help you focus or refocus. So hop into something comfy and let's get started. (gentle music) Okay everyone, let's beginstanding at the top of the mat. Bring your feet hip width apart and on a big inhale reach for the sky. As you exhale you're going to slowly bend your knees and just open twist to your left. Inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, bend your knees and open twist, soft and easy, to the right. Inhale, reach towards the sky. Exhale, Forward Fold all the way down. If you have a Benji there take a second,

give Benji a little love. And if you don't have a Benji, don't worry, I'll givehim some love for you. No but seriously, take a second to just hang here. Give yourself some love. Allow the blood to flow opposite direction than maybe it has been. If you've been seated upright or on the go, standing on your feet. Shake the head a little yes, a little no. And if you haven't already, start to gently deepen your breath. We want some nice, effective, refreshing breaths here in this quick practice. So let's go ahead and start to lean into that now. Again, letting the weight of

the head relax over. You can grab opposite elbow ifyou like with your hands and gently rock side to side. Take three more cycles of breath here. In and out. In and out. In and out. Awesome, and then nice and slowtuck your chin into your chest. Ground through the feet and slowly roll it all the way back up to standing. When you get there, lift the corners of

themouth just slightly. Feel that fresh blood move, asyou breathe deep feel that fresh oxygen and we're gonna inhale,squeeze the shoulders up to the earlobes and then exhale, takethe shoulder blades together, take the shoulders back and then drop 'em down. Yes, again inhale,squeeze and lift. Dig into the heels, stand up nice and tall. Then take the shoulder blades together, shoulders back and relax 'em down. And one more time, just with your breath, here we go. Awesome. Inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, open twist to the left. Soft bend in the knees. Inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, open twist to the right,soft bend in the knees. Inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, take it all the way down. And this time we're gonna slowlytake the fingertips all the way towards the outer edge of yourleft foot or all the way around to the back of your left ankle.

Breathe deep, inhale in here. On an exhale, relax the weight of the head over. And then take it all the way through, trace a line all the way through, around, over towards eitherthe right side of the mat or the outer edge of your right foot. Or maybe you can grab theback edge of your right ankle. Then be sure to relax the weight of the head over. Feel that beautiful length and stretch in the left side body, left back body, left lat. Cool and then come all the way back up. Here we go again. Tucking the chin, digging into the heels, rolling all the way up, reallyarticulating through the spine as much as you can. And a little hair toss, okay,cool and then inhale, squeeze the shoulders up to the ears. Exhale, take 'em back,around and down. Two more, inhale,squeeze and lift. Exhale, back, around and down. One more time, inhale,squeeze and lift. Exhale, back, around and down.

Awesome, now you're gonna shift your weight over towards your left foot. You're gonna bring the palmstogether and first you're just gonna sink into that left hip. So you can really feel that kindof dropping into the left hip. And then from there, you'regonna press into your left foot so much so that you come out of that left hip. So you come from here to here. And then from there you should have what you need. Plus a little a connection to your center to lift your right knee all the way up. Now it may not come up as highas mine but even if it comes off the ground at all, you're doing great. So we're just going to lift it up and then down. So you'll just lift it up

and then down. Up and then down. Again, it can be small up and then down. Up and then down. And the next time you have itlifted up you're gonna take your hands and you're going to capture your shin with your hands. So you're gonna squeeze and lift. Maybe rotate the ankle one way and then the other ifit's available to you. Cool and then from here and thetoe can be on the ground here, you can be rotating the ankle here, and here, and here. So rather, here or here. From here we're gonna take adeep breath in and then on an exhale you're gonna turn your right knee out and come to a Tree Pose. So it can be low, here below the knee, or you can take your knee andbring it up and use your hands to guide your heel all theway up towards your center. Again, we're not collapsing intothat left hip but we're finding that yielding, we're lifting. Finding length in the sidebody, a lift through the front, a grounding through the back. And then here we go, inhale,maybe

reach for the sky. Wherever you are, take a deep breath in and then exhale to let everything go. Great and then you're gonna shift your weight to your right foot. Nice and easy.Bring the hands together. And go ahead and start by, again, just collapsing into that hip just so you can feel the difference. And then when you're ready,you're gonna press down through your right foot so much sothat you lift and lengthen. There's kind of a pushing awayfrom the earth that creates this length in the hip and the front of the hip. So we go from here to here andthen when you have that you can start to find a little mobility. So we're gonna lift. Kind of coming up to a one-legged Tadasana. And it can be at any level. It could be really small, too. So breathing deep, you'reworking on creating that space in the right side body. We're all obviously creating mobility, flexibility in the left side body. So we have stability and flexibility. And we're breathing. And then when you're ready

you can work to open up or squeeze and lift if you want. Or if you're on the ground youcan start to open up from there. Otherwise, if you're lifted here, squeeze and lift first.So reconnect to your center, to that stability and then we'll open it up. Vrksasana, Tree Pose. Take time with this. Breathe deep. Just kind of taking your mindoff whatever you've been doing and focusing it inward on the present. There's nothing like a balancing posture to bring you (whooshes) right back into whatever's going on today. Connecting the brain and body. And then wherever you are go ahead and take an inhale to reach the arms all the way up. You're doing awesome. Inhale in and then exhale to just let everything go. No matter what happened. Alright, so you should be at the top of your mat. You're gonna take the feet a little bit wider than hip width apart. Then maybe take a

little stepback if you need a little space. Here's our beautiful brain buster, brain booster. You're gonna inhale,reach for the sky. Some of you have done this with me before. Exhale, you're gonna bend your knees, send your sits bones back, we'regonna do it slow at first and you're just gonna toss yourhands back and breathe out. Then inhale, sweep up towards the sky. Big stretch, big breath. Catch a wave here, then exhale,bend the knees, belly comes down towards thethighs and you toss it back. My mentor used to do this a lot. It's weird at first but it gets quite fun. So you're gonna inhale, reach up. Exhale, toss it back. Inhale, reach up. Grounding through the feet,soft bend in the knees. Exhale, toss it back. Keep it going, inhale up. Exhale, sharp exhale as you kick it back. Inhale, reach up. Exhale, now find a little rhythm here. You're gonna do this for one more minute then we're gonna close it off. Keep it going, moving the energy. Inhale, reach up. Exhale, (huffs) toss it back. Inhale, reach up. Exhale, (huffs) toss it back. Keep it going. You're doing awesome.

30 more seconds. Grounding through all four corners of the feet for stability. 10 more seconds. Inhale, next time you reach up. Exhale, bring the palms together and slowly and with control bring them all the way down through the midline, all the way through to yourheart space and without looking down trust, trust, trust you can put your eyeballs on the soles of your feet.You know the ground is there. Don't look down. Keep your gaze out or you caneven keep your gaze looking at the screen, watching me. You're just gonna bring yourfeet together, really together.

Then squeeze the legs. Lift your sternum up to your thumbs, take another deep breath in and then exhale everything out. Close your eyes, bow your head to your heart. Take a quiet moment here to justbe still and feel that prana, that energy moving throughout your body. Trust that whatever you need, you have. And remember that a little goes a long way. Thanks so much for sharing yourtime and your energy with me and all the awesome people around the world taking this little yoga break. Let's keep up the good work. On your next inhale, lift the corners of themouth just slightly. And as you exhale you can quietly whisper, Namaste. (gentle music)

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