• BRAND NEW COMBO: The resistance bands set can be used to exercise all parts of muscles such as arms, abdomen, glutes and legs when exercising with AQUABAG
  • TOUGH MATERIALS COME FROM AN ADVANCED METHOD OF PRODUCTION: our manufacturing process assembles parts made from high quality materials to make sure there is no water or air leaking in the aqua water bag during its lifetime.
  • CHALLENGE YOURSELF WITH THIS UNTRADITIONAL WATER-FILLED PRODUCT: The water combined with air inside creates instability in the weight itself making the Aqua bag even more difficult to control, which requires all muscles’ works to keep one’s balance
  • ALTERING HEAVY WEIGHT BECOMES EASY WITH JUST WATER: Weight changing is not a problem anymore. You don’t need sand, small sand bags or any substances other than water, which can be found almost anywhere
  • MULTIPLE STURDY HANDLES ALLOW A RELIABLE GRIP FOR MANY TRAINING OPTIONS: 4 Handles to perform correct movement and ensure you have a firm but comfortable grip. These handles assist you in doing various exercises will help increasing strength and endurance
  • GREAT SUBSTITUTE FOR SANDBAG - MORE VERSATILE AND MORE SECURE: used for the same purpose as sandbags, workout water bags are very convenient. When empty, the aqua bag becomes a small piece to stick it into your pack and go everywhere



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